Who am I? why am i getting up every morning?

Sounds rather philosophical – well, let me show you the answer in a slightly different way than usual…

Did you ever hear of the PoE?

Or about the big five? No, not the personality framework (for those of you thinking about the OCEAN model right now). The Purpose of Existence (PoE) is about why you are here, the big five represent the five goals which are most important to you, which you want to achieve in life.

  • What motivates you?
  • What is the reason you are on this planet?
  • What drives you?
  • What are you passionate about?

Unfortunately this was not my idea – credits belong to the author of “The big five for life” and the “why are you here cafe John Strelecky – however I really like the idea. So, scroll down to find out my PoE and Big Five!

Here is my WHY!

– I want to support people in feeling more okay. –

my five goals for life:

  • Be able to speak 4 languages fluently. (German and English: Check! French and Danish incoming)
  • Write a book (in process)
  • Embrace a safe and happy home for my family
  • Aquire and share more knowledge
  • Kick-start my own company (as you might guess: also in process)
“Being realistic means accounting for what you know. If you want to make your dreams come true, it will be always uncertain, because you haven’t done it yet. Hence, you won’t be able to make your dreams come true by being purely realistic. Go and dare the unknown!”
Me, melanie

– cause I am about to do it and yes, it frightens me!

Did you realize…

that I highlighted the beginning letters of my Big Five above bold?

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My Past Path

How did I get to where I am now? Read about the three big chapters of my past career and life path below.

After high school I grabbed my bags and moved to Maastricht in the Netherlands to start my studies. International Business – that’s what I wanted to learn.

Besides the fact that the nightlife was not the best, I had a great time living and studying there meeting a lot of friends (who for some reason happened to all be polish), finishing my bachelor in three years regular time and growing a lot personally. I mean after all I was living by myself for the first time in a foreign country – that certainly had its share in my personal development.

Before I commenced with my Masters I took a semester off, worked as the most typical student job ever (waitress) and invested more in personal development doing online courses, a lot of reading and changing surroundings by moving back to my hometown – Aachen.

Afterwards I studied my International Business Master at Maastricht University. One year later I was done.

There I was. Finished with my business studies. Luckily the consultancy firm I worked as a student worker already during my studies offered me a full-time job in project management.

So I went on a last big journey (literally I travelled once around the world in 2 months) and then I started my first time full-time 40 hours per week job ever. However for anyone of you who has ever been in project management or worked as a consultant: It is not ‘just’ 40 hours but more.

No matter the benefits – that was not my world. Not only because of the intense amount of business travel and overhours, but I also felt very much out of place as a person. I felt fake. I wanted to be somewhere I feel like I contribute to something positive, where I matter and was appreciated. Where I could support people and do something wortwhile instead of filling out the 100th excel file which no one would ever read. And where I would have time for things which bring me joy and pleasure. Time for a personal life and to play on my playground again (if you are curious what I mean by that, text me).

So I quit.

I would never say business studies and this job were a waste of time – I learned so much from it and grew immensly as a person!

Still – I left my job and decided to follow one of my all time passion: Attempting to understand people.

Hello secon studies! What better study there is to understand oneself, others and be able to provide sophisticated support to people than psychology?

Another three years of studying – and suddenly it was so much easier and me, myself, so much happier! Because that better suited me. It offered me opportunities which not only helped me grow A LOT as a person but also to find a career path which suited my PoE (did you read about that yet?).

Suddenly working three jobs, having two volunteer positions and doing a full-time study wasn’t a problem at all. Because they all fitted what I wanted to do. And the more I learned about myself and aligned those things with my values and goals the happier and more efficient at the same time I became.

I even did a yoga teacher training on the side just for fun!

And the best thing: I got the courage to start my freelancing career which is why you are currently reading this text. Currently I am working as a psychological mentor for kids and teenagers, content creator (for the creative aspect) and (suprise) in project management. The difference here: I do it for a firm which implements social projects which is exactly what I meant when I once said: “If I ever go back into project management then only if done so for something I find meaning in”.

However, the ultimate dream was my own business. Sharing my knowledge and help people to grow just as much – Hello, here I am!

By the way – If you read my Five Goals for Life you know that I want to speak 4 languages fluently. Curious on the progress? See below!


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