Hey there,

I’m Melanie
Let’s team up with our inner figures!
Hey, I’m Melanie
Let’s team up with our inner figures!

Stressed? Yeah, I’ve been there, too.

Four years ago I was sitting in front of my computer crying. That was my breaking point. Burned out. Deeply unhappy. I started new. I started following a new path – a path which included several jobs, a new study, courses on the side and volunteering.

Sounds like a lot? It was. It still is – and I am happier than ever.

how are you doing?

Learn A New Approach To Organising Your Life.

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Zen Your Workspace
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Mastery of Mindful Work

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what’s in it for you?

Learn about a new approach to get things done – or how to do simply nothing without a feeling of regret.

  • Improve your Work-Life Balance
  • Enhanced Productivity: Get tasks done
  • Zen your workspace: Create room for work and yourself
  • Learn how to get from overwhelmed to empowered

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